Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mmmmm Memories Of Old Times

So lately I've been thinking, there hasn't been any console games that I really want to play in a while.  Partially the reason why I haven't been keeping up with new consoles is because I'm too broke, but the biggest issue is just that there isn't games that I really want to play so I don't feel like it's worth it for me to get a system that expensive.

Though lately this game is tempting me to want to play console again.  But I guess it's still not worth it just for one game.  Anyway, this game is Muramasa The Demon Blade 朧村正.  I really like the art from this game too.  Always liked the ninja / samurai type of theme on video games.  2D sidescroll adventure is where its at.

Not too sure what the role this character is in the game.  But I thought she look cute in this picture.

Even find the title design look cool.

This reminds me my all time favourite game was Gambare Goemon 2 五右衛門.  Which was made long ago on Super Nintendo but I still find that game super fun to play.

Even the designs are just too funny hahahahha.  Too bad they start making it 3D and I find that it's not as fun.  Another note worthy samurai game is Brave Fencer Musashi, which I think sounds a bit lame compare to the Japanese title Musashiden 武蔵伝.  This is a 3D action RPG.  Too bad it wasn't popular at all even though I really liked it back then.

Cool game title design too.

Now this my all time favourite character since I play him from Stryder Hiryu 1, Stryder Hiryu 2, then later on Marvel vs Capcom and Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Mmmmm maybe I'll start drawing samurai and ninjas again.  I think over the year I forgot why I started drawing.  Now I slowly try to remember the fun times.  Come to think about it I used to draw bomberman like ninjas wayyy back in grade 3-4 ish.  Haha it was fun, I also doodle weapons a lot.

Hahahaha looks so lame.  Though it really was fun times.  Maybe it's time to draw stuff like that again.  In anycase...  omg it's 3:28 AM....  fail.....

Goodnight ~

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

LOL Messy Sketch... Oh Well

So today I went to eat sushi with a friend around Spadina and Bloor.  We met up first by the 7-11 at the corner.  This reminds me that I used to go to 7-11 a lot back then to play arcade.  There was a 7-11 close by my highschool and they had Marvel vs. Streetfighter.  It was like the shit at the time.  And I remember I had to battle kids from a private school near by.  They'd pop by with their fancy uniform it was quite funny.

I remember it was competitive at the time.  Like 50 cents can mean life and death to highschool kids.  OK maybe not that crazy but the point is people that play there were serious.  Any opening means eating super in the face.  Too bad arcades aren't popular anymore, though it was still fun time.  So I did a rough sketch about it.  The stuff on the shelf are nachos, sandwiches and hotdogs.  The the hotdogs are weird in scale cuz honestly I got lazy when I start drawing them.

Haha ok not top quality drawing but I guess at least I started drawing.  Gonna improve upon that tomorrow.  On a side note, I walked by the magazine section and noticed these 2 magazines.

Didn't know they have English Shonen Jump here now.  Though I wonder how recent the issue is.

And when I see this.  Somehow it immediately remind me of Eddie lol.  No offense Eddie you're still my friend.  Haha anyway.  Thought that was funny.

Ahhhh...... arcade and highschool memories.  They used to call me "the glasses guy" in the arcade at Yorkdale cuz I own all their asses.  Though I admit kids that play there aren't very good so it's easy lol.  Too bad arcades aren't popular anymore.  A lot of arcades closed down, guess I just gotta stick to Mugen to satisfy my fighting needs.  In anycase... it's pretty late again....

Goodnight ~

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mmmmm....... Trailed Off Big Time

Mmmm......  Been slacking on my blog.  Probably been like a week ish now since I update it?  Been drawing stuff I can't post.  Also when I do have time to draw on my own I just got lazy and side tracked.  In anycase I'll try to post again this week.

To get things rolling.  I'll post the souvenir Mujia got for me from China.  A piggy wiper thingie haha.

Here's the front side.

This is the instruction tag that was originally shoved in the piggie's ass.  lol I guess it's for cellphones.

This is to demonstrate how it should be used.  Yes fingers up the ass.

The bottom side has a different material cloth that is used for the actual wiping process.  Pretty cool eh.  Now I don't have to wipe my cellphone with my hands or t-shirt.  Now that I think about it I should've taken a picture of the Apple Magic Mouse I got her for the birthday.  Oh well maybe I'll just ask her to post it on her blog.

Alright, this post is just to get things rolling.  Will start to update drawings tomorrow.  Gonna sleep now.

Goodnight ~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bah Missed A Post Yesterday

Mmmmm........ gotta say I've been pretty busy lately + distracted by stupid stuff.  So I ran out of time to update my blog yesterday, damn it.  First unintentional skip since I started blogging again.  Been trying to set up this site for my mom about Agel.  It's sorta like health supplements but in gel form (taste like grape jam).  That and I was updating my portfolio also starting a new freelance job.

Though I have to admit, the majority of my time went to stupid stuff like playing Plants vs Zombies.

It's kind of like a tower defense type of game, except zombie only travel in straight line and you have to guard 5 lines to prevent zombies get into your house and eat your brain.

My other distraction was Kekkaishi manga.  I've been reading it for a while but since it wasn't popular the release was slow.  I recently found an updated site so I start reading like crazy again, read till 5 AM yesterday (sorta why I didn't have time to blog).  Watch, this series is probably gonna get popular later.  See I always do cool stuff before it's popular like reading Bleach and Naruto and listening to emo music.  I'm just too cool so people want to follow lol.

Here's Kekkaishi, and apparently it's made into anime now too.

So funny thing is, I guess even though I took a break on World of Warcraft.  I still find other stupid stuff to do so I'm only slightly more productive than the time when I was playing WOW.  Sigh... maybe I need a break from internet or something.

Here's Agel.  Think of it as really expensive Coolaid packaged health supplements.  I'll put up more information about it later.

Alright, tomorrow I'll have work on the freelance stuff and keep updating the blog about Agel, so gotta sleep now.

Goodnight !

Monday, November 16, 2009

Portfolio Update

So I finally updated my portfolio pages.  Honestly it's such a minor update I don't know why it took me so long to start, though after I started I literally did it in 1 day.  Now I can start applying for jobs again, and I'll just get my updated demo reel in later this week.

Oh and as I stated, I was kind feeling crappy last week.  But I don't know what happened, somehow I feel pretty good now lol.  I mean I'm still as lost but I guess I'll just figure things out as I go.  But I find music and movies had always helped me getting over emoness.

This reminds me, I find after i stop playing world of warcraft.  I've become slightly more productive, thought still not as productive as I wanted to largely because I just use the time to watch movie instead haha.

So this weekend I saw 40 Year Old Virgin

And The House Bunny.

Both movies are pretty hilarious.  Though I have to admit, I downloaded these two movies because I became a Kat Dennings fan after seeing Nick And Norah's Infinite Playlist.  That and I guess I sort of always wanted to watch these two movies anyway.

40 Year Old Virgin was pretty hilarious and sad at the same time.  Because personally I do think I am quite horrible at dealing with women (though probably not as bad as that guy in the movie).  So I really really hope I won't end up like that.

The House Bunny is alright, sometimes it's funny sometimes it's funny in a sad way.  Honestly I feel sorry for the actress in this movie because they have to act really really dumb for certain parts of the movie.  Though after watching The House Bunny, now I became a fan of Emma Stone (LOL I get distracted too easily).  Seen her from Superbad, then recently Zombieland, and now The House Bunny.

Now I still have Harry Potter The Half Blood Prince and 500 Days Of Summer (suggested by Mujia) to watch.  This reminds me that time where I saw 6 movies in 2 days, that was fun.  Should probably do that again when I get a chance.

In anycase, I should probably sleep now.  Still got a lot of work to do this week.  Didn't get to sketch today, maybe I'll try to see if I get time tomorrow.  As for now...

Goodnight !

Friday, November 13, 2009

Life Is Awesome

Don't fuck with Nabeshi.

Goodnight !

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Twilight Spoof + Mujia's Bday Celebration

Mmmmm gonna be a rushy post tonight.  Cuz I got home so late and didn't have time to think about cool material so I'll just post this.  A funny picture I saw on my friend's Facebook.  Blade vs Twilight, time to finish the teenie money making franchise.  Hahah thought it was pretty funny.

As I mentioned earlier, today is the day we celebrate Mujia's birthday.  So I had to go to tennant's house to carry the log we chop down from backyard to frontyard in the afternoon.  Probably walked between front and back yard like 30-40 times back and forth.  Then went to Eaton Centre to get present for Mujia only to find out it's sold out (fail).  Then we went to AGO (abusing the free admission), then went to Made In China for food, then Just Desserts for cake.  Pretty fun night though I'm like so tired after I got home.  And my legs are dead from walking so much today.

But yeah sorry my brain's kinda dead / fried tonight so I guess I'll write more tomorrow.  Should just sleep now.